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Client Reviews

Lauren brought so much peace to the room every time she walked in. She treated me with love and respect, and knew that I was the expert on my own body and my baby. She sees each pregnancy as a gift and treasures each baby, knowing how precious her work is. Lauren answered all of my questions and was as hands-off or as hands-on as I wanted her to be. I have had nine live births, and Lauren is the only midwife I’ve had who didn’t, at some point, push me to do something I was uncomfortable with. Her humility and gentleness are her greatest gifts, but her knowledge is equal to both. -Rachel M, mother of 14


Lauren is truly a gift. My second pregnancy brought a few different hiccups and complications and she handled every part of my care with such knowledge and compassion. From appointments, to labor, birth, and postpartum, she spent so much time with my husband and I, truly making us feel so comfortable and cared for. She really is the whole package! -Katie V, mother of 3


As someone who has experienced so much in the birth world, I can confidently say that Lauren is one of the most knowledgeable, skilled, and caring midwives you will find! Lauren was my midwife during my second pregnancy that resulted in a successful and beautiful VBAC of a 10lb 9oz. baby. Without her suggestions, confidence in me, and guidance, I am certain my birth would not have been as incredible as it was. Her attention to detail and respect for our wants/needs during pregnancy and birth is exceptional. Lauren cares so deeply about the mom and baby: checking in regularly, always willing to answer all the questions, and calm any concerns. I would highly recommend Lauren to any mother considering her care! We are forever thankful for her! -Sydney L, mother of 3 


Lauren is such a delight and breath of fresh air! One of the many things I appreciate about her is she listens to you and your specific needs. She in turn, responds with how to approach your needs on a personal level. When you are with Lauren, your voice is heard and it matters to her. -Keshia G, mother of 5 

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